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  • Feasibility Studies in various countries
  • Engineering design for several breweries


The owner of Antigua Brewery Limited, Cerveceria Nacional Dominicana (CND, Santo Domingo) – subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, decided to close the factory on June 2, 2011 for various reasons.

On December 3, 2015 Brewtech GmbH reached an agreement with the Government of Antigua and Barbuda to jointly reactivate the brewery. Following this Brewtech GmbH has examined the opportunity to install a new beverage project in the premises of the former Antigua Brewery Limited. Based on the findings a technical planning has been carried out and a complete feasibility/technical study has been compiled.  Annual production targets are 25.000 hl brewed products and 15.000 hl non-alcoholic beverages. Interested parties are welcome! An executive Summary is available!


Already in 2009 Brewtech started to evaluate the market and has since then visited Timor-Leste several times to process project preoperative works. A local company was officially registered in Dili under the name Timor Brewery & Beverage Company. In 2015 Brewtech started a comprehensive market research which resulted in the preparation of a complete feasibility/technical study. Annual production targets are 50.000 hl beer (possible extension to 100.000 hl), 50.000 hl soft drinks and 100.000 hl water. Interested parties are welcome! An executive Summary is available!<< Neues Textfeld >>

October 2015: MASTER PLAN - TOGO

Elaboration of a Master Plan for a shopping centre concept for Lomé/Togo.

Apart from sales of food items and other merchandise, the concept will be completed by selected gastronomic specialities .

The project title is KAISER (Emperor) – La Petite Allemagne.

This title is synonymous with the typical German life style with all its qualities.

The location is in Lomé, Togo directly on the route nationale no 1, 12 km to the North of Lomé.

The shopping centre is designed in accordance with typical German architecture for small Southern villages in the 18th century.

The shopping centre consists of  two speciality restaurants, a pub brewery with a large typical German beer garden, a butchery, a bakery, an open market area with fruit stalls, different German speciality shops.

The concept of KAISER – La Petite Allemagne is far exceeding  the normal expectations and functions of a shopping centre. A very important part of this project is the promotion and enforcement of  the Togolese economy.

This will be achieved by the processing of locally available food stock which will be offered in the various outlets in the shopping centre.

The special charm of the German way of life can be found here and  one can relax with a freshly tapped German draught beer and Bavarian delicate food.

November 2015: Bahamas - upgrade of bottling line

A fully automatic empty bottle inspection and a new labeller manufactured by Krones were installed. In addition a new carton type was implemented, which required a new carton packer. The next step will be a line separation enabling simultaneous production of bottles and cans.

July 2015: Bahamas - new Product

In July a new product SANDS PINK RADLER was launched with great success . The recipe with natural grapefruit juice was developed by Brewtech.

September 2014: Bahamas - another extension necessary

Another significant capacity extension will be carried out to follow the enormous demand of sales. An additional brewhouse vessel will allow 8 brews day and three additional cylindro-conical tanks will increase the capacity of fermentation and maturation. Consequently a second steam boiler and an additional cooling plant will be installed as well.

See videos at:


December 2012: Aruba - new WWTP

A new state of the art Waste Water Treatement Plant with  membrane technology was successfully commissioned. Brewtech was general supplier on a turn key basis.

2012 NIGERIA - PABOD Brewery:

Another significant extension and moderniszation was executed by Brewtech

January 2012: UGANDA - Feasibility Study

Parambot Breweries Ltd. (PBL) is the newcomer on the Uganda beer and beverage market. Brewtech finalized a comprehensive feasibility study in cooperation with DEUTSCHE INVESTITIONS- UND ENTWICKLUNGSGESELLSCHAFT MBH. The aim was to develop a strategic business plan enabling PBL long term future growth combined with high profitability. This will be reached through a package of measures amongst others specific investments into equipment and machinery significantly enhancing product quality and quantity.

November 2011: Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co. Ltd.

Launch of a new beer brand: BUSH CRACK
The recipe was developed by Brewtech

September 2011: Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co. Ltd.

  • new bottle filler for higher capacity
  • Installation of a water de-aeration equipment

June 2011: Cayman Islands Brewery

Development of the recipy of two new beer brands:
      3 4 5

February 2011: Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co. Ltd.

  • Another capacity extension at fermentation and brewhouse

January 2011: Cayman Islands Brewery

 back in close relationship to Brewtech!
    A Technical Assistance and Consultancy Agreement has been signed and
    commenced in January 2011. 

June 2010: Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co. Ltd.

  • Installation of new canning equipment
  • capacity 10.000 cans/h

2009: Containerized PET-Filling Line

  • Brewtech GmbH handed over two mineral water PET lines, which are entirely mounted for operation in one 40’ container each. This provides the greatest mobility for an complete water filling line.
  • Each container is equipped for operation with
    4-cavity blowmoulder, filler, capper, cap feeder, self adhesive labeller, sleeving machine, air compressor and air condition
  • capacity: 2500 bottles/h
  • Destinations: Sudan and Mozambique

November 2009: New Beer on Bahamas

  • Brewtech GmbH was pleased to develop the recipes for all their brands:
    SANDS Lager
    TRIPLE B (maltdrink)

    and the new premium lager beer: HIGH ROCK
    see also

March 2009: Brewery Expansion on Bahamas

  • Brewtech GmbH commissioned the expansion of the Bahamian Brewery & Beverage Co. Ltd., Bahamas already 15 months after the official opening in December 2007
  • The new capacity of 30.000 HL has been achieved with investments in further fermentation and stroage tanks and an expansion of the filtration and the cooling plant  

March 2009: Takeover of Pabod Breweries

  • After successful reactivation of Pabod Breweries Ltd., Port Harcourt/Nigeria and start of production by Brewtech GmbH, the brewery was taken over by SAB Miller. 

January 2009: Partnership of BREWTECH and AMS

  • Since 2007 the company AMS Beverage Engineering and Services GmbH have joined in a close cooperative partnership, enriching the geographical sphere of action, human resources and technology expertise.