Brauhaase GmbH Hamburg, a company formerly providing consulting and planning of breweries, started its first joint venture project under the leadership of brewery engineer Joachim Haase in 1965: “Brasserie BB Lomé S.A.” in Togo (West Africa), a turnkey brewery with complete management was built and many followed. With the approval and shareholding of both Managing Directors of Brauhaase, the company Brewtech GmbH was founded in Wittenburg in 1992, a company producing spare parts and small plants. In addition, a cooperation with Brauhaase existed for brewery projects already acquired by Brewtech in the Caribbean and Africa. This cooperation expired with the change of shareholders at Brauhaase and shifting of business key aspects at the end of the 1990s, when Brewtech began to provide the same services and activities as Brauhaase and subsequently purchased the Logo of Brauhaase recently.
Jobst Meier zu Biesen, one of Brauhaase’s former Managing Directors, is Managing Director of Brewtech since 1992.