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KG M.P.Farm Projektierungs und Management GmbH & Co.

M.P.Farm  is specialized in general agricultural business, in the field of special crop production, animal husbandry and the related marketing in the different countries of the tropics.
M.P. Farm is always the right partner for farmers and agricultural orientated investors.

M.P. Farm offers consultancy and planning services in the field of:

  • Establishment of new farms
  • Establishment of agro-industrial complexes
  • Reactivation of existing farms
  • Extension and diversification of existing farms
  • Procurement of modern agro-technical equipment
  • Preparation of business plans and feasibility studies


KG M.P.Farm Projektierungs
und Management GmbH & Co.
Borgweg 15 A, D-22303 Hamburg

Phone: ++49-40-270 79 40

Fax:     ++49-40-270 68 06

E-Mail: MPFARM(a)