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Crabbs Peninsula, Antigua, West Indies

  • Built: 1993
  • Beer: 35.000 hl
  • Softdrinks: 40.000 hl
  • 2006 extension with PET-plant

Antigua Brewery Limited – founded in 1993 – was the first project executed by Brewtech GmbH.

The original plant existed mostly of second hand equipment, which was generally overhauled before installation. Throughout the years the brewery was then gradually equipped with new, modern technology.

The annual production is not only limited to alcoholic beverages, but in addition to 35,000 hl beer also 20,000 hl softdrinks are produced. Further to the own local Lager Beer Wadadli, several licence beers are brewed, e.g. for Guinness, Red Stripe and Vita Malt, whereas Coca Cola, Ting and Cocktail de Fruit are a small selection of softdrinks produced under licence.


Brewtech provided Technical Management until end 2009 and thereafter we occasionally supplied spare parts and operating material.


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