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Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies

  • Built: 1995
  • Beer: 20.000 hl
  • Water: 20.000 hl
  • 2006 Extension to 30.000 hl Beer

The brewery is established in one of the numerous valleys of the mountainous island. The wonderful (splendid), but sometimes hardly accessible region, with more than 350 waterfalls is a personal tip for all friends of nature. The island is situated inside the volcanic arch of the Antilles and the native country of multitude rare rain forest birds and animals, which were deserted long ago on neighbouring islands.

The brewery has a capacity of 30,000 hl beer and 30,000 hl mineral water from their own spring.

Further to the own local Lager Beer Kubuli, several licence products as Vita Malt and Guinness are produced in a semiautomatic brewery.
The mineral water, famous for its quality in this area, is available on most Caribbean islands.

The brewery was constructed on very limited space to harmonize the naturalness of the island with the perfection of the brewery.


Brewtech provided Technical Management until end 2009 and thereafter Brewtech occasionally supplied spare parts and operating material.

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