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Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia


  • Built: 1998


  • Capacity: 200.000 hl

The brewery Amstar Corporation is situated about 3.000 km east of Moskau, in the European area of Russia and at the industrial district of Ufa.

Ufa is the main city of the province Bashkortostan with one million inhabitants.

The brewery was extended in 1998/1999 by Brewtech GmbH within a short time of 12 months with a modern, general overhauled brewhouse and a fully automatic control system, which lead to reductions in staff.

The remaining area of the brewhouse consists of a new equipment, which was fully integrated into automation. A combination between second-hand and new parts of equipment is resulting in production of high quality beer.

At present three types of beer with a year production of approx. 300.000 hl were produced.