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Port Harcourt / Nigeria

  • 1982 opened and closed in late 90’ies
  • 2007 Reopening
  • Capacity 250.000 HL


Pabod Breweries Ltd. was built by Jobst Meier zu Biesen’s Team with a capacity of 250.000 HL in the early eighties.   

Sales commenced in 1983 with Grand Lager Beer (GLB). Later, other products like Grand Malt (GM), Grand Soda (GS) and Bond Super Lager Beer (BSLB, a special beer with Nigerian raw materials) were added. 

Production partly stopped in 1994 and completely terminated in 1996.

In 2007 Brewtech GmbH was awarded with the contract for the complete overhaul and reactivation, which was successfully commissioned in December 2007.

The brewery was meanwhile taken over by SAB Miller.

Brewtech GmbH is still providing its services for engineering and supply of equipment and operating materials.

In 2009 Brewtech provided engineering- and installation services for the implementation of a canning line and various equipment according to SAB Miller standard.


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